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Sakura Kinomoto(Card Captors Sakura) | tsukikage yayoi


Sakura Kinomoto(Card Captors Sakura) | tsukikage yayoi

you answered a question on whether or not you thought Kanji and Naoto would work as a couple, but how do you think Yu and Yosuke would work? sorry for all the question i have sent as i have sent a lot.


While Yu/Yosuke isn’t my favorite couple with Yosuke, it *is* my favorite couple with Yu, for a number of reasons, the most important being… Yosuke’s Social Link sort of felt like the only one in the investigation team where I, as the protagonist, was able to be 100% open and genuine with the other person. With the girls, it always felt like I either had to put myself above them or to flatter them pointlessly in order to reach the romance route. And if I did reach it, it always ended up feeling hollow, like this was a pointless school crush that was gonna break in less than a year. I felt a genuine, close connection between Yu and Yosuke and felt like this is a bond that is really going to last that way, romance or not. With the girls, I felt like “They are gonna stay friends forever, but no way this romance is gonna last more than 6 months, if they are LUCKY.” It didn’t feel genuine, it didn’t feel mutual. The only one of the girls where I felt even remotely the same kind of connection that I saw between Yu and Yosuke was with Rise, because I could really tell her superficial crush was gradually changing into something else, something much more honest, but with her, I think her job will eventually get in the way. 

Even if Yosuke is still a little too dependent on Yu, you can tell he’s working on it and he’s trying to be equals with him, which is what really draws me to their relationship as friends and makes me believe it would also work well in a romantic context. 

Again, I am asexual and really don’t think I comprehend sexual attraction well, so I really can’t say a thing about relationships on that level, but on a spiritual and emotional level, this is how I see their relationships work out. 

Mary have mercy
Now look what I’ve done
But don’t blame me because
I can’t help where I come from

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SOMEONE in my high school friends group located a webpage that had HQ scans of the Weiss Kreuz artbooks (that would be me, come to think of it) and printed out pictures to show to their friends.  And someone else in the group was like WAIT THEY’RE VOICED BY ALL MY FAVORITE VOICE ACTORS and our whole group was obsessed with the show for like a year.

I think about now was when I was first introduced to Cardcaptor Sakura and really started to get into all things CLAMP as well, but WK was my first love for a very long time.


dangit okay, actually, I probably should have answered ‘Sailor Moon’ for the age of 13 because that’s when I was introduced to the anime.

by the time I was 14 my friend had introduced me to subs (no going back now!) and I was watching Slayers Next with her on 3rd-hand VHS fansub tapes and reading Magic Knight Rayearth (flopped!). Then when I started high school I was introduced to Fushigi Yuugi, X/1999 (also a flopped manga), and Gundam Wing came out on TV (toonami).

My true weeaboo phase had begun.

EDIT: when I was 13 I did write a really epically long Spider-Man fanfic because I watched the 90’s TV show RELIGIOUSLY after school.  So I probably would have blogged about Spider-Man.

For the age meme: 8!



My school pony was a 14-hands-tall bay named Henry who had a hate-hate relationship with another pony in the neighboring stall and loathed getting his hooves picked.  Please imagine 8-year-old me picking a horse’s hooves, having the horse attempt to take a chunk out of my behind with his teeth, and me smacking him on the nose and scolding him (he never did it again).

Also I had an exceptionally hideous hot pink winter coat, which could only be brought to you by the 90’s.

what about 14?

My friends had just introduced me to Sailor Moon and told me that I was most like ‘Mina’ (pictured here). I hadn’t watched more than 4 or 5 episodes of the dub and didn’t know what Sailor Venus was like, but I latched onto her anyway.  My very first anime.  


I wanted to be an astronaut really badly ;A;


pained whimpering ensues

have i mentioned recently that i have a serious megane problem because

/i have a megane problem/

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send me an age and ill tell you what i would have been blogging about when i was that old

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would you believe this has happened more than once ahah gee whiz

I once had a person meet me at a convention and then accuse me of being ‘easily distracted’ and possibly on drugs like next time YOU try keeping track of your 13 friends/what you’re supposed to be doing next just before putting on a panel while talking to a total stranger at a convention brah

This is important.


(Note: While this post discusses the recent doxxing of a well-known member of the Welcome To Night Vale fandom, I will not be using her real name at any point. While the name is undoubtedly known to many people, I nonetheless ask anyone reblogging or commenting on this post or related posts to practice similar discretion. The more distance she can put between her professional identity and the damaging false accusations made against her, the better.)

This post was created as part of a joint effort by several people. It was written by branwyn-says, and co-signed by some (but not all) of the people who have been personally affected by the situation. I created a new blog for this post, both to keep the bulk of the traffic away from my personal blog and so that other people could make posts on the subject at a later time, if they wished to. I apologize for any confusion created by my use of the passive voice, which I deemed necessary to protect people’s privacy.

The purpose of this post is to bring to light information that will hopefully prevent what happened to Tumblr user sodomquake from happening to anyone else. I will only present information that has been verified through screencaps or personal statements from multiple people involved.

This post concerns the actions of a particular Tumblr user, namely the individual who has admitted to creating the teethforlunch blog that doxxed sodomquake. After serious discussion with people who know this individual, we as a group have elected not to disclose their identity at this time. This decision was made in the interests of protecting vulnerable persons, and in the hopes that teethforlunch will choose to take a break from fandom for awhile and seriously consider the choices that led them to engage in behavior that has harmed many people. This post will be using they/their pronouns to refer to teethforlunch, not as a reflection of that person’s gender identity or personal pronoun choice, but simply to protect their privacy.

Our hope is that the information we are sharing will create a context for serious fandom discussions that address the way we engage one another when it comes to important matters such as social justice and accountability.


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"Confronting the problems in our fandom community is not a simple matter of shaming people for their posts, their fic, or their art. It calls for something much more difficult, like open discourse, which can’t happen in an environment of hostility. We need to acknowledge that there are times when the way we go about discussing these matters owes more to our desire to be self-congratulatory than any desire to seriously confront the issues at hand. In other words, we need to do better."

Please read this to the end.




"Though I was sick to death of a world that couldn't be changed, 
even in my lies I refused to give in to despair. But now I have
within my hands this power... In that case...!"

Katsucon 2014
Lelouch vi Britannia | Photographer

whoops look what was still in my likes I guess I’ll just have to reblog it again, what a shame.


I was supposed to post this on his birthday but eh stuff happened
happy late birthday Karkat 

karkat’s face tho


I was supposed to post this on his birthday but eh stuff happened

happy late birthday Karkat 

karkat’s face tho