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Li Syaoran being a cutie in Episode 38 (´ω`)

in the top left gif he’s nodding as he absorbs yamazaki’s lies and in the top middle gif he’s like I DIDN’T BELIEVE IT FOR A SECOND precious child


Cosplay Help Masterlist


So basically I had a bunch of tutorials liked/bookmarked and I wanted to consolidate them into one nice place. I hope this is helpful! I will probably make a part two later.

Beginner Help

Cosplay Crash Course - x

A Guide to Conventions - x

Conventions and Your Stomach - x

How to Budget for Cosplay  - x 

How to Start Cosplaying - x

Everything About Sewing

Sewing Tips and Tricks - x

How to Use Fabric Paint - x

Sewing Language - x

Gathering Fabric - x

All About Interfacing - x

Finishing Seams - x

Kimono Sleeves - x

Button Holes - x 

Sailor Collar Tutorial - x

Introduction to Sewing - x


Buying Wigs - x

How to Cut Wigs - x

Elsa Wig Tutorial - x

How to Dye a Wig - x

Restoring Your Wig/Washing it - x

Where to Buy Wigs - x x x 


All About Circle Lenses - x

How to Open the Stupid Containers - x

Where to Buy Contacts - x x

All the Skirt Tutorials You Could Ever Need

Circle Skirt - x x

Half Circle Skirt - x

Gathered Skirt - x

Tulle Skirt - x

Maxi Skirt - x

Pencil Skirt - x

Ruffley Petticoat/Skirt - x

Pleated Skirt - x


Basic Cosplay Makeup - x x

Coloring Your Eyebrows - x

Make Your Own Lipstick - x

MTF Cosplay

MTF Makeup - x

FTM Cosplay

Make Your Own Binder - x

Affordable Binders - x

FTM Makeup - x

Misc Tutorials

How to Make Invisible Shoes - x

Anna Masterpost - x

How to Make a Sword - x

Two Colored Bow - x

Satyr/Goat Feet - x

Pointy Teeth - x

Super Cleavage - x

Master Sword - x

Fitting Thigh Highs - x

How to Make Things Shiny - x

Armor Pattern Tutorial - x

Asuna Boots Tutorial - x

Lightweight Wings- x 

Asuna Stocking Tutorial - x

Zelda TP Armor - x

Misc Useful Things

Colored Tights - x

InstaMorph - x

How To Bead Dresses - x

Elf Ears - x

Helpful Cosplay Blogs




cosplaying on a budget

vicious cosplay 


7 Ways to Improve Your Cosplay


Keep in mind that these may not apply to all cosplays, and that its not mandatory at all! Skill level should never hold you back from cosplaying what you want to, just do your best. But if you are interested, here are some quick tips on taking your cosplay to another level :)

  1. Weathering: This can make your cosplay look 100x more realistic! Make it look like you’ve just gotten out of a fight, chased off monsters, or come back from the dead. [Ex: Laura Croft, Wolverine, Zombies, Warriors and what not] Get creative! There’s all kinds of home made blood recipes, fake dirt, fake burn powder, and other resources you can use for awesome special effects! Don’t forget your clothes or armor though, they might need a rough look too!

    | How to Make Torn Edges | How To Weather Fake Fur | How to Weather Armor | Weathering a Prop |

  2. Contouring your makeup: Want to accentuate your features? Want to make your face look more like a different character or gender? Contouring is a great way to do that and it is relatively easy. It just takes a little time, patience, and practice. Don’t forget if you have a mall nearby with makeup counters, the sales people can show you how to contour your face! (Also don’t forget that you can contour while using body paint as well, just switch up the colors!)

    | Basic Contouring/Highlighting | (I’m currently looking for some good crossplay makeup tutorials, so link me if you know of any and I’ll add them!)

  3. Improving your eyes: Okay this covers three tips but I figured I’d put them all under this. Firstly, match your eyebrows to your wig! This makes a HUGE difference…just go maybe two shades darker than your wig color. Second, give contacts a try! Now, definitely don’t feel like you have to, some people have eye problems or just don’t like the idea of having something in their eye. That’s perfectly fine! But if you wanna give it a try, it can really make your cosplay shine a little brighter. Third, experiment with fake lashes. This is primarily for female characters, but a lot of times cameras minimize what makeup you do have on and sometimes it helps to have a little extra oomf! 

    | Eyebrow Coloring | Eyebrow Coloring with Eyeshadow | Cosplay Contacts 101 | How to put on fake lashes |

  4. Iron as you go: When you’re sewing, keep your iron warm to press your seams and keep it wrinkle free! This can give it a very professional, clean look.

  5. Speaking of sewing, try out some new seams: French seams are a nice alternative for a string-free, clean look. Or, if you don’t want to bother with that, you can grab some Fray-Check to keep your fabric from unraveling and making a mess. When your outfit looks clean on the inside, it makes you feel a lot better about wearing it :)

    | How to make french seams |

  6. Make it shiny: Yes, what you read was correct! Adding a resin coating to your prop can give it a really professional look. Of course this won’t work for everything, but it’s a fantastic option. 

    | How to resin coat |

  7. Choose correct tools for what you’re working on: There are hundreds of kinds of tools and materials that you can utilize for whatever project you are working on! Do research on what is available to you and how to use it. You can buy fiberglass materials and bondo at walmart! Lowes or Home Depot has Rigid Insulation Foam that is great for large props! Heat guns, hot wires, razors, rotary cutters, and all kinds of other materials can be found locally. Just please be sure you are very careful and follow all safety procedures!

    | A great post on tools of the trade

These are just a few tips to help out! If you have any tips or tricks that you feel have improved your cosplay, message or submit them to me and if I get enough, I’ll make another post with YOUR tips :) Remember, these don’t apply to everyone and they are definitely not mandatory. Cosplay is for fun! So do what you have to to enjoy your cosplay to the fullest, regardless of what anyone else thinks :)

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why making horn out of model magic are pain in the butt *whines*

You’re right, dude, it’s kind of a drag, especially when they dry too fast and crack! :(

I recommend making them out of candy corn.

Are you doing anymore cardcaptors costume?

I do plan to, yes!  I want to make the CCS elementary school winter uniforms+coats!  I also want to make Syaoran’s Princess Aurora costume because I think that it’s adorable and it would be fun to stomp around looking as unladylike as possible in a huge poofy dress. =D

I also plan to cosplay Touya at some point.

(And secretly I’d love to dress in a Sakura costume sometime~! but her outfits are pretty difficult and I always feel so awkward trying to look cute XD;;; )







Something that I and other people deal with. All I can do is ask for forgiveness and try harder to not let my problems make relationships unbearable to be with.

I don’t think anyone understands how incredibly fucking relevant this is.

If you feel this way around me, I will always forgive you.FROEVER!


You put the thing in words!!!!!

Me always

I know this shit is insidious as fuck - and also incredibly obnoxious. It can become toxic, taken to extremes. If I’ve done this to you, I’ve probably already begged your forgiveness, because I apologize for everything in the hopes you will just blanket-forgive my existence in your life. But that’s not fair to you, to imply you’d spend time with someone who isn’t worth said time.

To be honest, if you don’t forgive me for being silly and afraid of being abandoned, then that’s okay too - if that’s what’s healthier for you, I need to learn to live with rejection also.

But it’s really nice to know I’m not alone in feeling this way. .__.;

Tokyo, 1999











Subaru~ Who was at the door?

In which Kamui returns to Tokyo after disappearing a couple years ago, and has a few questions for Subaru regarding their friendship.

(In the same universe as this doodle here, which got quite a few notes for some reason????? Thank you guys. ;A;).



Archer at a Japanese Coming of Age Ceremony.

Photography by Jeffrey Friedl.



Lost them all

first of all


Wanted to try the darker option for this Musee du Chocolat coord. Can you tell I’m in love with it much? What did I learn from this experience? True love is worth the chase. And dark hair don’t sit well on dark blouses.

JSK, Headdress & socks : Angelic Pretty - Musee Du Chocolat 

Blouse: Innocent World

Shoes: Bodyline

oh wow I really love this coord!  spoilers, I love dark blouses on light jsks, eee


wow this is officially the best car commercial ever

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Spring #spring #nyc #metro

Spring #spring #nyc #metro

tags → #spring #metro #nyc 

ok i tried
anon pointed out ive never drawn shadow yosuke before so i did

i aspire to take a shadow yosuke cosplay pic that looks exactly this terrifying.


ok i tried

anon pointed out ive never drawn shadow yosuke before so i did

i aspire to take a shadow yosuke cosplay pic that looks exactly this terrifying.

the word insane is ableist by insinuating that theres something inherently wrong with them and also implying violence goes with mental illness. thanks

today on Politcally Correct taken to ridiculous extremes: hyperbole no longer allowed when referring to fictional characters that may or may not be werewolves, monsters, or other fictional creatures and whose mental state I know exactly zero about on account of my not knowing the characters at all

If any of the characters in this series have some kind of legitimate mental disease than maybe you’d have a point.

if you are a mentally disabled person or a person with mental disabilities and feel that using the word ‘insane’ in reference to the characters that are available to date in DRAMAtical Murder is harmful to you, than please tell me, but if you are not, kindly stop talking on behalf of the minority you’re trying to help.