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How to make Karkat’s Horns

so I promised that when I hit 3000 followers I would make a giveaway that would be a tutorial for making Karkat’s horns, but I’ve decided that I should just share with the world instead. It’s actually really easy!

  1. Buy giant candy corn.  I thought this was only available around Halloween, but apparently you can get it year-round from this website!  Awesome. This candy corn is 2.75 inches tall, which is perfect for Karkat after step 2.
  2. Obviously the candy corn is right now a better shape for Terezi.  In order to make it the right size and shape, whittle it with your teeth.  Make sure the white tip is completely gone because troll horns don’t actually have any white on them.  to get rid of the teeth marks just lick the candy smooth, then let it dry.
  3. Cut off the stick the candy corn comes on at the base of the candy corn.  You’re not going to need it, but if you try to pull it out you might break the candy corn!
  4. to mount the horns into your wig, just lick the bottom of the candy corn until it’s really sticky, and hold it against your wig in the place you want it to stay.  If it’s not working, lick the candy corn some more.

And viola!  Perfect Karkat horns.  Toldja it was easy.

EDIT: and PS!  For the best results, please read this post!  IT’S VERY IMPORTANT!