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Photography is Important
aka good photography can make anything look good

And while I’m on the subject of photography, I just want to remind everyone to really appreciate their photographers who take the time to do a private shoot for them.

Above, the photo on the left is a random hallway shot taken of a group of me and my friends at AUSA 2005.  the lighting is terrible and the flash was used, making it even more awkward, and the location is … well, a con hallway.  On the right is a photo taken by Lionel Lum.  Same costumes, same cosplayers, but everyone looks much more awesome in photo 2 because of the time taken to properly pose everyone and compose the shot.

(I am the Allen in these photos and this costume is … well, the first one I sewed on a sewing machine, and it’s pretty awful.  But it’s a little harder to tell in the second picture how bad it is, haha.)

Photography isn’t easy.  Photographers have a lot to keep track of: the lighting, the location, the angle, the framing, the background, the camera focus, the story they’re telling, how the cosplayers look, how long the cosplayers can hold their poses, and more.  Good photographers take the time to work with you and get the best results every time.  You know you have a good photographer on hand when you feel comfortable with them, they don’t rush you, and the results make you smile or gasp or possibly cry a little from feelings.  They hide your costume’s flaws with a little photoshop or clever composition and they make you feel proud of your own hard work.

In short, appreciate your photographers, they work hard for you and they can make your costume look amazing.